Travel Video: Ziplining in Puerto Rico

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, located about an hour’s drive south of San Juan, is home to “The Monster,” the longest zipline in the world as certified by Guinness World Record. The park’s zipline courses extend through the lush green hills of Orocovis, offering spectacular views from all sides while soaring above the jungle.

My morning started with an 8-zipline (count ’em, 8 ziplines in a row) course followed by “The Beast” which is the second longest zipline. The 8-zipline course was a bit much just on its own, and my suggestion would be to forgo the 8-zipline course for “The Beast” and “The Monster” lines. There was some uphill walking between a few of the platforms, which in high heat and humidity makes it feel more strenuous than it actually is. Ziplining is a lot of stop and go so it takes the body some time to catch up between zipping through the air and finding your feet again only to walk to the next platform and be sent flying off once more.


  • Apply sunscreen.
  • Wear a comfortable, plain t-shirt, either jeans, leggings, or some other kind of stretchy long pants, and tennis shoes.
  • Book your tour for the morning (9-11am) because it gets busy really quickly. When you check in, you’ll get a wristband for whatever course you’re doing with a number written on it. When your number is called, the staff will help you get into a harness. The later in the day you go, the longer the wait time can be.
  • If you do the 8-zipline course, bring a small bottle of water with you. They staff can attach it to your harness, and you’ll be able to stay hydrated in between trips.
  • Don’t do all of the zipline courses in one day. My suggestion is to do The Beast and The Monster OR the 8-zipline course. Doing all of them in one day is too much otherwise.

How to Get to the Park
From the city of San Juan, start going west bound on Highway 22, take exit 42 towards Morovis, and make a left at the traffic light onto Express Puerto Rico 137. Continue driving until you reach the cemetery on your right. Keep driving and you’ll see a skateboard park to your left. At the 5th light make a right turn and follow Puerto Rico Highway 155 all the way to Orocovis until Km 32.9.

If you use, Google Maps as a GPS, simply type in Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park. The app will recognize the name and you’ll be able to activate your route.

Ziplining Video
A few weeks ago, I started working with iMovie, and I made my first video about my ziplining trip in Puerto Rico, shot with a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver attached to my helmet. Now, I’m hooked and all I want to do is make more travel videos so be on the lookout. Diving into the iMovie interface, I’ve quickly come to realize its limitations and I’m looking to upgrade to Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. If anyone has any tips for making better videos and engaging a community of fellow travelers, please let me know. Video editing isn’t new territory in the tech space but it is for me. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with different programs and tricks.

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