In Photos : Yokohama, Japan

If you take the Tokaido line from Tokyo station, in 25-30 minutes, you’ll end up in Yokohama, Japan’s 2nd most populated city. Situated south of Tokyo’s city center, you’ll find a mix of wealthy families in the Yamate neighborhood and young people who would rather commute to Tokyo for work than live in the busiest city of all time. If you want a slightly cheaper alternative to your Tokyo holiday, you can do the same by staying and commuting back and forth between the city.

Yokohama has 2 main railway stations, Yokohama station and Shin-Yokohama (20-25 minutes to get between the two stations via the subway). As you guessed, the shinkansen trains leave from Shin-Yokohama, and the local lines arrive via Yokohama station.

I had the pleasure of couchsurfing with a wonderful host/long lost sister, Mengshan, for 2 nights (more on my couchsurfing experiences in Japan in a later post). My time in Yokohama was too short, but of what I saw, it felt surprisingly un-Japanese. I don’t know how to explain the sensation other than that it felt normal like I was walking the streets of NYC again. Maybe I’ve already spent too much time in Japan. Anyway, we walked along the harbor, ate dinner in Chinatown, did some shopping in Motomachi, laughed our heads off over silly stories and questions, and topped it all off with homemade curry udon.

Enough talk, enjoy some photos from my weekend in Yokohama.


Yokohama Chinatown


Chinatown all lit up at night


Night time stroll down by the harbor


View from my couchsurfing host’s, Mengshan, apartment building


First sakura sighting


Daytime cityscape


Ikebana preparation for summer


Unbearably cute treats


View of Yokohama from the Yamamote neighborhood


Mengshan, making curry udon

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