Embracing Yin at Yoga Loft Boulder

As I walked past, I heard a few of the women murmur amongst themselves, “We got her!” They were all in a deep lunge atop their neon colored yoga mats, smiles on their faces, and 5 pound weights in their hands. I smiled back and continued on my way with every intention of coming back later that afternoon.

I caught them out on the front landing in front of the studio in the middle of what I now know to be the “Yoga with Weights” class. At Yoga Loft Boulder, sometimes they teach yoga classes outdoors in the summer because the weather is dry and mild, the view sublime, and the marketing opportunity brilliant. I knew I picked the right place to stretch and relax after the morning’s strenuous hike.

Yoga Loft Boulder View

The view from the front window of the Yoga Loft Boulder studio

When I returned in the afternoon, I was greeted by Hannah who, at the time of this writing, had just recently returned from living and teaching yoga in Thailand, and she taught the yin yoga class I took my first day there. Yin yoga is a passive form of yoga where you practice letting your body hang heavy in each pose to focus on breathing.

Most of the practice was spent in poses lying on the floor or on hands and knees and stretching without effort or strain. Students were encouraged to transition slowly into each pose and let their individual practice take take them where they needed to go regardless of what the teacher was doing. With each move, I felt how tight my muscles were, how resistant they were to certain stretches, and how easily they melted into others.

Though I’ve practiced yoga for over 2 years now, I still find it difficult to meditate and relax my muscles because my mind is constantly running through to do-s. Tuning everything out seems an impossible task but through yin yoga, it came easy. In a small class of no more than 10 people, it was silent enough that it felt like I was the only one in the room and I could close my eyes to focus on nothing at all. During rest, it is my own voice that I can hear most clearly, but during class, it was Hannah’s. Yoga is not for everyone, but if you’ve never tried it before, I encourage you to at least once (advice passed down from my momma). It can be an powerful tool if you let it be. It certainly helped me re-center myself after my panic attack. If nothing else, it’s a beneficial way to create space in the body so blood and energy can flow more freely and to calm and reset the body from all the stress we put it through day in and day out.

About the Yoga Loft Space
Yoga Loft is such a beautiful, peaceful, and clean space (shoes must come off at the door). The studio is painted in soft whites, light blues, and nature greens that I found to be very calming, and not to mention, you can see the mountains from the front room of the studio. The instructors are genuinely friendly, taking the time to chat before and after class and helping you improve your postures during class. Bottles of water, t-shirts and healthy snacks are available for sale next to reception, and yoga mats, blocks, blankets, and bolsters are available for use free of charge. The bathrooms are equipped with lockers (bring your own lock) and showers. And the best part…?

When you go to Yoga Loft Boulder, mention this post to take one class for free.
Address: 633 S Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305
Namaste, friends.

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