What I Didn’t Expect from Denver


Denver International Airport – First stop on my RTW trip

As a major American hub, I had a few general expectations about Denver, but one thing I found particularly unusual is the amount of marijuana shops around the city. Some of them are disguised as gas stations on side streets, and others are meshed in between restaurants, stores, and other businesses with high traffic. They can call themselves medical marijuana shops all they want, but we all know there are some “customers” slipping in the back door looking for a deal. It’s very strange and would make for an interesting video research project.


See what I’m saying?

The people of Denver are very friendly, and I felt welcome upon my arrival. They live a really healthy lifestyle there which, I suppose, plays a huge role in their happy and friendly manners. You can’t go anywhere without seeing people on bikes or walking. Not to mention that Denver and the surrounding suburbs are an outdoor sports enthusiast’s paradise. During the summer, you can hike in the red rock country, go for a jog/run, take a bike ride around downtown, or play outdoor soccer/football, and of course, in the winter, you can head up to the mountains to go skiing and snowboarding. Colorado and it’s neighboring states are accommodating for all types of outdoor activities.

Denver has really warm weather all year round and very mild winters. Heavy snow hits the mountains in time for ski season and winter getaways. No matter where you are, the contrast of the mountains in the background of the cityscape is breathtaking and quite unique.


Everything is cheap in comparison to most major cities. At many of the parking garages, you can park your car for $8 or less for the entire day. You’ll find your typical chain restaurants such as Panera Bread, Jimmy John’s, etc., but a lot of Denver’s local restaurants and cafes offer a good sized portion of food for under $10. As for transportation, there is a bus system that runs around the city that will get you where you need to go for only $2.5o. Cabs will also take you anywhere in the city for $15 or less, and of course, walking is always a great option to get around free of charge.

All in all, Denver is certainly a do-able city for a budget, female traveler. Personally, I felt very comfortable walking around on my own. It’s clean, safe, affordable, classy, and a true American city.

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