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Expanding your palette and sampling all kinds of food while traveling is half of the fun. The challenge comes in trying to order said food. Here is where I recommend unleashing your inner daredevil to point to something on a menu you can’t read and hope for the best. As a backup, have the Point It book on hand so you can demonstrate with pictures what kind of things you’d like to eat. It’s also worth checking out sites like EatWith or Meal Sharing where you can find a host to cook and share a meal with. Food tours can also serve as a great introduction to a new culture and help you familiarize yourself with the typical local fare you’ll encounter during your travels.

SYT’s Favorite Food Tours & Cooking Classes


LaZat (Malaysia)


Spoon Food Tours (Puerto Rico)


Ongo Food (South Korea)

Bogota Foodie

Bogota Foodie (Colombia)

Tokyo Urban Adventures

Tokyo After 5PM (Tokyo, Japan)


Eat Osaka (Osaka, Japan)

Obubu Tea Farm Wazuka Japan

Obubu Tea Farm (Kyoto, Japan)


Vespa Valley (Kathmandu)

Taipei Eats (Taipei)

SYT’s Favorite Day Tours


Before you head off on your travels, go to VisaHQ first to check whether or not you’ll need a tourist visa for the country you’ll be visiting. You can either apply for the visa directly on VisaHQ, check to see if you can buy a visa upon arrival at the airport, or if VisaHQ is unable to submit a visa application on your behalf, they can help redirect you to the closest embassy where you can go apply in person.


xeUpon landing, withdrawal cash from an ATM at the airport and use it for daily expenses like food and transportation. Credit cards are widely accepted all over the world and many come with no foreign transaction fees so you can use them to book reservations for hotels and flights. While cards are certainly easy to pay with, they are more easily subject to theft abroad so use with caution. To check currency exchange rates abroad, download the XE app.


airbnb Short-term apartment rentals are becoming increasingly popular for those who seek the privacy and comforts of home without having to pay hotel prices. Airbnb apartments are a great way to live and contribute locally as well as meet a few neighbors with which to share a meal. Sign up with Airbnb and get a travel credit towards your first booking.

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couchsurfingCouchsurfing has become one of the most popular options in the sharing economy space to score free accommodation. While there is no monetary exchange involved, it’s always a nice gesture to bring your host a souvenir from your home country, pay for a meal, and of course be a respectful guest. Couchsurfing can also be used to find local events and hangouts during your stay.

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hostel worldHostels are a great portal of resources and information for local events, eateries, tour companies etc. They also offer a comfortable communal setting to meet like minded travelers. To search thousands of different hostels, check out HostelWorld. Book directly through them or to avoid being charged extra fees, you can book directly through a hostel’s website if available.

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awardmapperThough I don’t stay in hotels very often, when I do, I usually turn to AwardMapper to see where the major hotel chains (Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, etc.) have locations around the world. For a more comprehensive hotel search, I recommend using online travel agencies such as Priceline.


Despite all the articles written on the best time to book a flight, unfortunately, there isn’t one correct answer. However, the common thread is usually that the earlier you book, the better. The best way to keep track of deals is to sign up for airline newsletters, follow them on social media, and research often. My advice is to search for and book flights through third party websites or online travel agencies. Here are a few sites to get you started:

For all things train transportation, look no further than The Man in Seat 61. If you’re traveling more long-term through Europe or Japan, check out Eurail Pass and JR Pass. I go into depth here on the easy way to buy a Japan Rail Pass. Finally, if you have a smartphone, download the AllSubway app so you’ll have maps on hand of different metro and subway systems around the world.

allsubway app

Book Recommendations

Need some good book recommendations for those long layovers and flights? I’ve got you covered. Check out some of my favorite books, and when you shop on the Amazon smartphone app, use the code KIMI698N to get $5 off your purchase!

SYT Community Table

Share your favorite restaurants from around the world to the SYT Community Table and get foodie recommendations from fellow travelers. For more information, head on over to the spreadsheet or check out the introduction post.

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