My Travel Goals for 2014 and Beyond

Dear Universe,

Can you hear me? Is my mic on? Ok, good. What do you say we collaborate to fulfill my 2014 travel wishes? I’ll tell you what they are, work hard towards achieving said destination dreams, and you create space for me to do so, capisce? Alright, let’s go.

New York City

Guys, did you hear? Anthony Bourdain is planning to open a food market in lower Manhattan! Given his knack to sniff out some of the best food in the world, this may mean he’s bringing a collection of his favorites to the Big Apple. Whether it will be a permanent or temporary installation, I intend to visit and eat everything in sight, no matter the price tag. Marry that with some quality time with friends, roaming around the city, and other fun activities, and it’ll be another great return to NYC for the books.

Likelihood: High



North America is a sandwich. Canada and Mexico are the slices of bread, and America makes up whatever edibles one decides to put in the middle. Well, in my lifetime, I haven’t yet had the chance to explore either slice of bread, and this is the year I plan to remedy that. Well, at least for the top slice. If I can swing it, I’d like to take the train up to Montreal from NYC and then all across Canada to Vancouver, stopping to see friends along the way. Also, I have yet to try poutine. Still not exactly sure what it is or how it varies from state to state, but it looks mighty delicious.

Likelihood: Medium-High



The world’s first Kit Kat store has opened in Tokyo. Certainly, you understand I must go home to stock up on the green tea flavor. Oh yeah, and to practice my Japanese. After eating myself into a Kit Kat coma (is that a thing?), I will burn the calories with a ski trip to Hokkaido. I’ve never gone skiing in my entire life, and if there’s anyplace I want to be my first, I choose Hokkaido. Plus, I have to go climb Fuji-san, and see for myself if a place called Hell Valley looks as beautiful in real life as the photographs I’ve seen online. Been trying to make a tradition of visiting Japan at least once a year. So far so good.

Likelihood: High



I figure if make it to Japan this year, I may as well check out the rest of the continent. Makes logical sense in my head. China? Give me a second chance. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Singapore? Will work for street food. Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Philippines? Expose your natural beauty, let me swim in your waters, and put me to work helping rebuild communities.

Likelihood: Medium-High


Photo Credit goes to Stuck in Customs

New Zealand

New Zealand, I’d like to apologize to you. You’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Australia. I should’ve taken a week to come see you while I was in the area last September, but you deserve your own separate trip. After all, we shouldn’t rush our relationship. While it is highly unlikely I’ll get to see you this year, I will make every effort to visit. If not this year then certainly in 2015. When we meet, let’s go zorbing, hiking, diving, and all sorts of other fun, outdoor activities.

Likelihood: Low


I hope things go south. South of the border and south of the equator to Mexico (the bottom slice of bread), Cuba, South America, and Antarctica. And like I said, New Zealand (and maybe Fiji too) gets first picks if I can’t make it in 2014. Finally, if I visit the south pole, I’ve got to visit the north! Take me to the Arctic and Greenland.

Where do you want to travel this year?


  1. Oh, Fuji-san! You have to get there and climb it. It was one of the highlights of my time in Japan (I spent two years there). Loved it so much. I am no skiier (have tried a couple of times but just suck) but I did love visiting Hokkaido (I went in summer though). Lots of exciting places on your list!

    1. Aiming to go climb Fuji-san in August. I keep hearing about people’s amazing experiences so I can’t wait. Let me know if you have any tips (i.e. go on my own vs. a group tour). How was Hokkaido in the summer? I know it’s a more popular winter destination, but I’m not a snow sports person.

      Any near future travel plans?

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