Foodie Find: Tomukun Ann Arbor

Tomukun Ann Arbor

Seeing as I’m heading to Korea next week, today I’m going to share my favorite Korean restaurant from my old home turf in Michigan. Outside of Korea, Tomukun in Ann Arbor is my favorite Korean BBQ joint. Prior to moving to Japan, my ideal Friday night would be spending 2-3 hours at Tomukun with my best friend Jullia and catching up on life whilst stuffing our faces with the feast before us (see photo above for example). As is custom with a Korean BBQ meal, accompanying the main dish is an array of side dishes like kimchi, raw vegetables, rice, and mixed salad. A significant and perhaps the best part of Asian culture is the family style meal where you can order a bunch of different dishes to share. I love this place so much that my stomach is rumbling just writing about it.

Where Tomukun falls on the scale of authenticity, I can’t quite be sure, but the food is mighty tasty. The menu is a bit pricey so this isn’t someplace I can afford to go very often, but they do give you 2-3 meals worth of food so you can take some home for a second dinner. Tomukun is more for special occasions, a nice dinner with friends, or even a first date. The restaurant is a casual chic space suggestive of a polished dress code that doesn’t absorb the grease, oil, and aroma coming off of the barbecue grills. On Friday nights and weekends, this place fills up quickly so a reservation may be required.

Address: 505 East Liberty Street #200, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (Closed on Mondays)
Recommendation: Spicy pork or any of the BBQ combo platters

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