Introducing SYT Community Table

My friend Jullia came to visit me when I lived in Tokyo, and I showed her this spreadsheet I kept of places I wanted to go and restaurants I wanted to try while I was living there. Though I’m sure she was a little put off by it, as anyone might be by someone who was hyper organized about the places they eat rather than the bigger to-dos in life, she seemed impressed.

Through the years, I’ve often reached out to friends, fellow travelers, and locals alike for food recommendations, and saved the information in travel journals, napkins, and computer folders. However, as friends reach out to me more and more for foodie finds, I’ve had to collect all my recommendations into one central location.

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Homemade kimchi fried rice.

Enter the SYT Community Table
In a Google spreadsheet, I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite restaurants from around the world, some of which I’ve featured on Foodie Finds. Included for each restaurant is the name, address (both in English and the corresponding foreign language where appropriate), country, website, dish recommendation, and notes. The SYT Community Table, as I’ve so lovingly named it, is something I will add to as I keep traveling.

It’s not just a home for MY food recommendations though.

I’ve created a sheet for the SYT community so that you too can share your favorite places to eat and get foodie recommendations from fellow travelers. SUPER FOODIES UNITE!

How to Add Information
Once you open the spreadsheet, click on the tab at the bottom labeled SYT Community Table. Under the corresponding continent heading, include the restaurant/food truck/street stall name, address, country, website, a dish recommendation, and additional notes. In the last column, next to each restaurant listing you add, please also leave your name and blog link (if applicable) so people can follow up with you if they have questions. In the notes section, feel free to add tips about whether the place is foreigner friendly, has english menus available, can accommodate different diet restrictions, etc.

Ajiaco - Bogota Colombia

Ajiaco from La Puerta Falsa in Bogota, Colombia


  • Add places that you have actually tried and genuinely would return to multiple times.
  • Recommend a dish that you really liked, not just what the restaurant is known for.
  • If you try a place someone recommended, you can add other dish recommendations or update restaurant’s contact information.
  • Please be respectful and don’t delete anyone else’s entries. Once a month, I will be going through and formatting the document as necessary.
  • Share your food photos and impressions with us over on the Sushiyama Travels Facebook Page.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for formatting improvements, please email

Bon appetit!

For future reference, this spreadsheet lives on my Travel Resources page under the FOOD heading. Of course, you can always refer back to this post as well for the document link.


    1. Great, please do! I’m always hungry for more food / restaurant recommendations. Any favorites come to mind from NYC or your hometown?

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