Travel Video: Sand Camels in Palestine

As part of the changes I made to Sushiyama Travels, I vowed not to post new articles on the weekends in the interest of a resting period. Writing for me is therapeutic, but we all need a break from the things we love to do every now and then. Not to mention that we are typically bogged down by information and blogs we read on the internet so I wanted to give you a break from reading to go out and enjoy your weekend.

This month, I’m breaking that rule to bring you 4 short videos I took on my travels recently. Today’s video is of a man in one of the Palestinian markets of Hebron who creates intricate sand drawings. He was kind enough to show us the magic of creating a “sand camel” and give us an inside look to the art of sand design.

Watch and then go out to enjoy the rest of your Saturday. See you on Monday for regular scheduled postings!

Video Recap

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