Sushiyama Snapshot: Lush Greens of Orocovis


You know that sensation when you climb to the top of a mountain and the view is so sublime that it feels like it can’t be real? So sublime that it makes you wonder how bits of Earth could actually look so otherworldly and why anyone would ever want to destroy the natural environment around them to make room for something man-made?

That’s what it feels like to stand before this gorgeous backdrop from the parking lot of Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park in Orocovis, home to 10+ ziplining courses. I know, right? Nothing but waves of lush green hills for miles and miles. It’s such a treat to the eyes, it’s difficult to look away. To get the park is a bit of a hike, taking about an hour by car from San Juan. Do beware that once you start driving on Highway 155, the last leg of the journey, the curvy and winding roads narrow substantially. It looks wide enough for only one car to pass through at a time but somehow two-way traffic forces itself to work. Needless to say, take it easy when you’re going up, down, and around. A flash of headlights or friendly honk doesn’t hurt when going around the sharp curves. As you near the top, you’ll see signs for Toro Verde. Turn onto the short, 45 degree angled road to get to the parking lot, and when you step out of the car, you’ll be greeted with the view above.

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