In Photos: NYC Winter

A few months ago, I announced that Tokyo has become my favorite city, a title held by NYC for the last 6 years or so. However, it still remains my favorite American city, and with utmost certainty, it always will be. I lived in Manhattan for one year total, and every time I go back, I always find new things to do or pockets of the city I didn’t know existed. From broke to bank, it’s impossible to be bored in such a multi-cultural city. There’s always something to see/do/hear/taste/experience. One could live there forever and still not see everything.

You can read all about New York online, in magazines, and guidebooks, but you’ll never know what it’s really like until you throw yourself into the hustle. If you want to blend in, start practicing your power walk so you don’t get stampeded by the people racing between commitments. As you already know, NYC is a very social city so if you don’t leave without at least 10 new friends, you’re not doing it right.

One day, should our paths cross, I will tell you all about my infatuation with NYC over coffee, but for now, enjoy some wintertime photos of the Big Apple.


Got lost in Chelsea. Not a bad place to wander.


My favorite spot to get food. By food, I mean gelato


Downtown Manhattan


Let there be light!


Taking a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge


Looking back on Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge


Highline view


The most photographed mural from the Highline


NYC Artwork




Do you agree?

What are your favorite things to do in NYC?

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