Sushiyama Snapshot: Nihonbashi Matsuri 2015

Nihonbashi Matsuri

Nihonbashi Matsuri is one of many famous festivals in Japan. It was my first time to this particular matsuri, and festival-goers were treated to a parade featuring some 3,000 dancers and performers adorned in unique, brightly colored costumes. Additionally, the surrounding area was lined with yatai stands selling an array of Japanese omiyage, street food, and delicious delicacies from all over the country.

It was such a fun afternoon sitting among families with young children, grandmothers and grandfathers, fixated on whatever group was marching by and simply enjoying the atmosphere. This day was also the first time I felt like I was really starting to get a good handle on how to use my Sony a6000 camera. It always feels good when you realize your hard work and practice is finally paying off.

All of the performers looked like they were having such a great time even on a cool autumn afternoon, and it made me want to dance along with them. Many things are changing as Tokyo gears up to host the Olympics in 2020. I can’t say it’s all for the better, but when it comes to a parade like this, it gives me hope that in the midst of Tokyo’s changing atmosphere to accommodate a more diverse society old traditions still have a chance to remain intact.

What is one of the best festivals or celebrations you’ve been to?

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