Sushiyama Snapshot: Nagasaki’s Cherry Blossoms

Nagasaki cherry blossoms

Sakura season (end of March to beginning of April) often coincides with rainy season so the petals fall off quicker but what remains is a beautiful carpet of pink petals. I caught the tail end of cherry blossoms in Nagasaki’s Tateyama Park, and although it was a rather cloudy day, the pastel color of the sakura really brightened up the place. Tateyama Park looked like it too was waking up from a barren winter waiting for kids to take over the baseball field and visitors to start picnicking again. During spring, there are so many cherry blossom trees here that it looks and feels like you’re walking through a cotton candy pink tunnel. This is truly what heaven looks like.

Tateyama Park is about a 20 minute walk from JR Nagasaki station. While I’m sure there are many different routes to the park, I ended up trekking uphill the whole way (mainly lots of stairs) through a cemetery, and it was a rather tranquil hike. Cemeteries aren’t creepy, eerie, or unkempt like they are in America, and gravestones are actually quite ornate and beautiful. Japan takes good care of their cemeteries to respect and honor the deceased. If you’re interested in visiting, here is the address of the park in Japanese and English.

Address: Tateyama 5 Chome, Tateyama Kouen, Nagasaki (長崎県長崎市立山5丁目 立山公園運動場)

People often ask when is the best time of year to visit Japan. Well, I think you have your answer.


    1. Right? I think Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Kyoto have the best cherry blossom viewing spots in all of Japan. I hope you get to come one day!

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