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Will Work for Japan

A photo collection by SYT – Free Download

Having spent one year traveling all over Japan from the northern most prefecture of Hokkaido to the islands of Okinawa, WWFJ is a photo timeline that captures the quirks of Japanese culture, the culinary industry’s creativity, kindness of the people, and the blend of new and old. WWFJ is meant to entice you to visit Japan through 100 snapshots and arm you with the resources you need to make the most of your time.

Shosenkyo Gorge - Japan

Blogs & Websites

Boutique Japan (Travel itineraries, food culture, etc.)
Bungy Japan (Bungy jumping experiences in Japan)
Exposure Japan (Beautiful photo essays from visitors to Japan)
EYExplore (Photo tours and workshops in Tokyo)
Fukuoka Now (For all things Fukuoka)
GaijinPot (Explanations of Japanese culture by expats)
Get Hiroshima (For all things Hiroshima)
Hiking in Japan (For all things hiking in Japan)
Hyperdia (Comprehensive train timetable and route search engine)
Japan Day/Weekend Trips (Best hiking meetup group)
Japan Guide (For all things Japan, this is my #1 go to website)
Japanize Meetup (Meetup group for Japanese culture experiences)
Japan Travel Mate (Japan travel photos and guides)
Japan Urban Adventures (Day tours in Tokyo and Kyoto)
JRPass.com (Travel Japan with ease with a JR Pass)
MCHA (Travel tips and information for foreigners)
Odigo Travel (Explore different Japan itineraries from travelers)
Okinawa Flyboard (Flyboarding experience in Okinawa and Tokyo)
Ramen Adventures (For all things ramen)
RocketNews24 (Outrageous and hilarious news stories from Japan)
Shikoku Henro Trail (Info on hiking the Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage trail)
Spoon and Tamago (For all things Japanese art and design)
Surviving in Japan (How-to guides for exploring and living in Japan)
Tabelog (For restaurant recommendations in Japan)
Time Out Tokyo (Guide for Tokyo restaurants, nightlife, & events)
Tofugu (Long read posts about Japanese culture & language)
Tokyo Cheapo (Comprehensive guide of Tokyo events on the cheap)
Tokyo Eats (Tokyo restaurant recommendations)
Tokyo Gaijins (Expat community group that does weekend trips)
Tokyo Snow Club (Day or weekend outdoor adventure group)
Noboribetsu - Hokkaido's Hell Valley - Japan


Abroad in Japan – British lad with a sarcastic and entertaining sense of humor who makes videos about traveling and living in Japan, bizarre experiences, and the quirks of Japanese culture.

Bilingirl / Japanagos – Chika posts English lessons for Japanese people, and on her Japanagos channel, she shares videos about Japanese culture and travel.

Daichi Beatboxer [Japanese Only] – Human beatboxer from Tokyo who covers popular songs and creates his own beats as well.

Happy in Japan – Host Andrew Marston, runs a show called “Tour Japan” where he teaches viewers a little bit about a new place in Japan then goes to visit and shows his audience around.

KemushiChan – Offers language learning tips for both Japanese and English learners and highlights cultural differences.

World Order – A popular dance performance group that specializes in a robotic style of dance that is meant to be a statement and parody of the stereotypical image of Tokyo salarymen.

Micaela – Vlogs focused on highlights of Fukuoka (the largest city in Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost island), life in Japan, and occasional international travel videos.

Rachel & Jun – International couple focused on vlogging about cultural differences between America and Japan and unique experiences in Japan.

That Japanese Man Yuta – Yuta hits the streets of Tokyo to interview Japanese people and foreigners about their opinions on cultural differences and language.

Sharla in Japan – Vlogs about daily life in Tokyo, quirks of Japanese culture, events, and food.


a tale for the time being book cover

A Tale for the Time Being

Sushi and Beyond book cover

Beyond Sushi

buddha in the attic book cover

The Buddha in the Attic

Hitching Rides with Buddha book cover

Hitching Rides with Buddha

Rice Noodle Fish Book

Rice, Noodle, Fish

The Street of a Thousand Blossoms book cover

Street of a Thousand Blossoms

Tokyo On Foot book cover

Tokyo on Foot

Untangling My Chopsticks book cover

Untangling My Chopsticks

Food Tours & Cooking Classes

Tokyo Urban Adventures

Tokyo After 5PM (Tokyo, Japan)

Arigato Japan Cooking Class

Arigato Japan (Tokyo, Japan)


Eat Osaka (Osaka, Japan)

Obubu Tea Farm Wazuka Japan

Obubu Tea Farm (Kyoto, Japan)

Hostel Recommendations

Japan Apartment Tours

Tokyo Apartment Tour #1

Tokyo Apartment Tour #2

Kyoto Apartment Tour

Osaka Apartment Tour

Photographers & Instagrammers

Japan Posts from Travel Bloggers