Passion Project: A Japan Photo Collection

One of my passion projects for 2017 was to compile all my favorite photos I’ve taken in Japan into a coffee table book/photography portfolio. That photo collection is now a tangible object, complete with 135 full-sized color photos with captions written in both English and Japanese. Starting in Hokkaido and finishing in the islands of Okinawa, the photos are organized from north to south and explore everywhere in between.

All of the photos featured in the book span from my very first trip to Japan in 2012 as a part of a greater round-the-world trip to my first year(s) as an American expat living in Nagasaki and Tokyo to separate travels through 2017. It is an all-encompassing photographic journey of the country I’ve grown to love so deeply, a love so fierce that it’s difficult to convey in words so I wanted to try to articulate it in photos instead. It’s called Will Work for Japan because Japan has been the center of my universe for the last five years to which all my goals and aspirations are tied to in some way.

It makes me so happy and proud just to hold the physical book in my hands. Every time I look through it, it’s a reminder of how much my photography skills have improved, and it’s a source of motivation to keep learning.

While I did only have one hard copy made, which I hope to show you in person one day, you can download the digital version of the book.

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