In Photos: Japan’s Cherry Blossoms 2013

When I left Japan in December, I promised myself I’d find a way to go back in April to chase cherry blossoms. I made my own wish come true, and prior to my return, I was bouncing off walls excited to experience Japan’s most famed season for myself. In the 3 weeks that I was there, I witnessed the full life cycle of the sakura, from buds to full bloom to falling petals. Returning to Japan was indeed the highlight of my trip.

What can I say about the beauty of springtime and cherry blossom season in Japan? Itt leaves me speechless. It’s about 10 times better than anything I could imagine. I can show you all of my photos, but even that won’t do reality justice. You have to go see those beauties for yourself to understand what I saw and felt.

Even the Japanese are out and about photographing cherry blossoms, as if they’ve never seen anything like it. It’s so precious! Despite their busy work schedules and the heavy crowds during April, people still find time to enjoy the warm weather, ride their bikes around, go for picnics, and the best of their personalities really shine through. When you see all the trees for yourself, it’s easy to understand why March-April is Japan’s most popular season.

So, 1,700 sakura photos and 36 hours later, I have finally narrowed down my favorites. It was no easy feat so enjoy!


First sakura sighting in Yokohama


First sakura sighting on the backstreets of Kyoto

Sakura spotting from the balcony of my Kyoto apartment.

Sakura spotting from the balcony of my Kyoto apartment.


Walking along one of the narrow alleys in Gion


Gion on a Saturday afternoon


Everyone out and about, admiring the sakura in Yokohama


Fierce sakura in Himeji


In sakura heaven


Kyoto Sakura Willow


On the path to the Imperial Palace in Kyoto


Photographing my AirBnb host photographing sakura


Sakura picnic in Osaka


Osaka Sakura Part 2


Nara sakura


Nara Sakura Part 2


My favorite sakura photo


Up close and personal


Last of the sakura in Tokyo

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