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Daichi was my first male couchsurfing host and in Japan no less. In a fashion that goes against traditional Japanese culture, he is a very down to earth, free spirit who has traveled the world, and his curiosity for new people and places is as eclectic as his hobbies. In writing, he may be a man of few words, but make no mistake, he’s a very lively, outgoing, and easy person to be around and get along with. If you visit Japan one day, I hope you get to make him a part of your story as I’m very glad and grateful that he is a part of mine.


His niece, Mia, wanted a turn riding her toy car.

Favorite Food: Ramen

Favorite Place(s) Traveled: Harajuku

Drink of Choice (alcoholic or non): Coca Cola

Favorite Movie or song: Song  → Black or White by Michael Jackson

Why should people visit Japan?

Because of the Island [Editor’s Translation: “Simply because it’s Japan.”]

You’ve been breakdancing for almost 10 years now. Why did you decide to start breakdancing? How often do you practice and perform?

I had an image of what I wanted to be, someone who has his own b-boy style.

Last week I did streetdance in Tokyo and decided not go home until I got 1,000 JPY. It took me 2 hours, and in the end, I got over 4,000 JPY. A few days ago, I did streetdance on Dōtonbori Bridge in Osaka. I could dance only less than 10 minutes because the police stopped me, but one of the guys from the audience gave me 1,000 JPY. That was the first time I got a paper bill (all at once, not in total). I was proof that the performance was worthwhile. That was awesome!

Last time we talked, you wanted to do a flash mob. Where would you perform the flash mob?

Last month, we practiced for a flash mob, but it seems like we were satisfied by just practicing.


Napping in the park with a great view of the Asakusa Skytree

You have a blog and video project focused on what foreign women think of Japanese guys. Why did you start this project?

Simply put, I was the one who wanted to be the popular guy, and I was able to to do that. Because of that, I have made so many mistakes and have good stories to tell.

What kind of personality or characteristics do you look for in a woman? Would you ever date a foreigner?

Yeah, I date some of them. Someone who is open-minded, cute, funny, and positive thinking.

Daichi Swings

Playing with Mia on the swings.

You recently moved back to Tokyo to start your own business. What kind of business are you starting? What do you hope to achieve with this business?

Coaching business. I hope to make tons of money, and hope they [Japanese guys] become popular for foreign women.

Other than work, what is one thing you want to accomplish in your life?

Just to enjoy my life.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?

Attitudes of other people.


Spent the night sleeping under sakura.

What is your craziest/strangest Couchsurfing experience from hosting or surfing?

One American guy visited Japan and had wanted to see cherry blossoms for a long time. So I took him and some blankets and slept overnight under the tree. I was sliding [around] all night, and he was sleeping on rocks.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will you travel anywhere?

I’ve been meeting so many people and getting some new experiences. I think we will go abroad somewhere in Asia next month for a few weeks.

Check out Daichi Okada’s homepage here!

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