Capture the Color

Last year, Travel Supermarket introduced a contest called “Capture the Color” aiming to showcase travel photography from around the world that captured the five basic colors of red, white, blue, green, and yellow. I didn’t get a chance to enter, but why not just want take a moment to dig out my personal palette of international colors and appreciate the beauty this world has to offer? Let’s start with my favorite color…



Last September, I spent 2 days in Haifa, one of which was a Saturday. Saturdays in Israel are known as Shabbat which is essentially their day of rest. That means everything shuts down leaving me and my new friends nothing to do but become beach bums. Not a bad way to spend the weekend, right?

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If it isn’t evident by now, I don’t like Las Vegas, but I will say that the hotel interiors are really something else. The Bellagio in particular is spectacular. Their summer themed gardens are decked out in millions of flowers. Above is my favorite little ladybug.

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On my most recent visit to Tokyo, one of the hostels I stayed at had a beautiful view of the river, Asahi Beer HQ, and the iconic Asakusa Skytree. Had to pinch myself a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

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Despite the frigid cold temperatures of Korea in the winter, the southern port city of Busan really knows how to decorate for the holidays. The photo above was the 2012 Wandering Souldier holiday card.

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“When one million people are shooting for the stars, how will you surpass them to land on the moon?” Taken at the White Castle in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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Wall at the DMZ on the South Korean side decorated in prayer ribbons for peace and reunification. We’re all pulling for you, Korea.

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The Chihuly Garden in Seattle is an impressively mind blowing exhibit. Dale Chihuly created masterpieces made entirely of glass leaving the rest of us feeling like underachievers. Definitely don’t miss this when you visit the NW Pacific.

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Making pierogies with new friends from Germany, at a hostel in St. Petersburg, Russia. The hostel was the size of a small apartment forcing all guests to get to know eachother, and with a small group of 20, the laughter and entertainment never stopped.

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Desperate for something else to eat besides cheap noodles in Bangkok, the next best alternative was neon green jello in a cup with a straw. Clearly.

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If you love green tea, I urge you to sample as many green tea/macha flavored treats as possible in Japan. Ice cream, kit kats, potato chips (yes, even potato chips), and my favorite, the cream puff.

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