Foodie Find: Cafe Olivea Omura

By now, it’s no surprise that a simple change of scenery can do wonders for creativity. Do you too find that to be true? Well, if you find yourself in Nagasaki with some time to kill, take a day trip out to Omura and go relax at Cafe Olivea.

Cafe Olivea is the kind of place one might go on a Sunday afternoon when you don’t want to do anything too strenuous but still want to get out of the house. For me, I like to take my laptop to the cafe to get some work done, eat, and browse the internet for the latest travel trends. It’s a small, clean space adorned with wooden floors, a few old records, shelves of organic food, and books about Western pop culture translated into Japanese. Take a friend for brunch, use it for a lunch meeting, or if you just need a nice space to work on your computer, you can do that too. Other than some easy-listening background music, the place is usually very quiet making it easy to concentrate. What’s more, the atmosphere has a real “take your time” vibe that I really appreciate.

*At the time of this writing, the cafe doesn’t have public wifi so if you need the internet for work, you will have to bring your own pocket wifi device.

It’s an easy 5 minute walk from the Omura train station. If you cross the street in front of the station sticking to the left side of the road and keep walking straight, you will find a small shopping center with a public parking lot on your left. Walk towards the entrance to Koremo, and you’ll see a covered shopping arcade. 2-3 doors down on the right hand side and on the 2nd floor is Cafe Olivea.

Address: 409-1-2F Higashihon-machi, Omura, Nagasaki (長崎県大村市東本町409-1-2F)

  • Brunch → Scrambled egg sandwich (スクランブルエッグサンド)
  • Lunch → Organic veggie pizza (季節野菜のピザ)
  • Snack → Waffle with coconut oil cream (自家製酵母ワッフル) and peppermint tea (ペパーミントティー)

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