Perusing the Brooklyn Flea Market

Welcome to the Brooklyn Flea

Welcome to the Brooklyn Flea

Before I begin, I’d like to offer my apologies for disobeying the “no photos” signs posted throughout the market. I understand that artists don’t want others stealing their ideas, but some things just deserve to be on camera, ya know? Anyway…

I don’t like to shop, but when given the option, I always choose markets over malls. Malls give me anxiety, but take me to a knick-knack market in Asia or a good flea market, and I’m sold. When I found out about the Brooklyn Flea, how could I say no to an afternoon shopping for some vintage goodies. Yes, I know, even after living in Manhattan, I didn’t know these markets existed. I didn’t get out much, clearly.

Welcome to the Brooklyn Flea

Let’s go inside!

When you go to New York, spare yourself the tears of not being able to afford anything in Soho. The flea markets are a much better representation of NYC’s character anyway, and you’re guaranteed to find some steals. From clothes, shoes, and posters to trinkets and homemade food, you’re bound to walk away with bags full of bargains that would’ve cost one blouse on Park Avenue. Unfortunately, for me, it was only window shopping because I can’t carry souvenirs with me for 3 months around the world. You can bet I’ll be emailing vendors and perusing their websites when I get home though. I came across a series of travel posters that need to grace my bedroom walls.

The Winter Flea, in particular, is housed in the Hanson Skylight building which is absolutely gorgeous on the inside, supported by European-esque, sky high archways and decorated in tiled artwork that makes it feel like you’re shopping in church. With 3 floors of vendors and artists, the afternoon will slip from right out under your nose, and be sure to take some time to people-watch. Located in one of Brooklyn’s nicest neighborhoods, Fort Greene, you could easily spend a day in the area with brunch and dinner tacked on to the beginning and end of your flea market visit.

Consider it your “Sex and the City” girls day!


How to Get There:

Winter Flea – 1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY
(Open every weekend during the winter from 10am – 5pm)

Take any of the following trains to Atlantic Avenue: D, N, R, B, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5. For more information on various flea markets throughout the city  and their seasonal schedules, visit




and shoes…


and map posters…


and flags!

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