Sushiyama Snapshot: Paradise in Boracay

boracay palm trees

I got caught up in trying to squeeze in as many adventures as I could while I was in Boracay that I found myself exhausted and somewhat queasy from all the mediocre food I had been eating. So I took a break. After all, that’s why I came to the Philippines, to relax.

One day, I decided just to rest on the beach in the shade to avoid sunburn. It was glorious, and I don’t use that word lightly. As someone who is attached at the hip to her computer, it can be hard to let go or stop in a world that is constantly moving. But that’s what I did. It was an afternoon of¬†watching passersby, reading, and avoiding eye contact with all the vendors walking by trying to sell me something. As the day aged, I strolled along the beach letting my feet splash through the water along the way, letting the sun warm my skin and ocean breeze cool me off. All I kept thinking was, “What’s not to love about palm trees and seashells galore, clear water, and sand so soft it’s like walking on wool?”

Well, there are a lot of places fit for a solo traveler, but I don’t think Boracay is one of them. To me, Boracay is best explored with friends or a significant other. But, I will say that Boracay IS paradise and the world stops here if you let it.

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