Sushiyama Snapshot: The Best Birthday Ever

vespa valley red vespa
It was the best birthday I’ve ever had in my adult life. You see, I’ve made a new tradition of spending my birthday in a new place every year. This year it was Nepal and what a gift it was. I spent the day riding on the back of a red vintage vespa with my guide, Surendra, and stopping at different shops in Kathmandu to sample some of the best local Nepalese foods. Lunch included lassi (famous sweet yogurt drink), nan with curry, jeri (sweet syrup filled loops), samosas, momos (dumplings), Nepalese empanadas, tongue of a water buffalo, and salty veggie soup.

By vespa or motorbike is the best way to get around the narrow, unpaved, and crowded streets of the city. Pedestrians, cars, and animals all share the same road so the traffic is absolute chaos but what a rush it is to whiz by so close to people I could high five them, feel the wind in my hair and dust in my eyes. I couldn’t have asked for a better day full of delicious food, good company, and exploration through a new city. I am grateful. Dhanyabad (thank you in Nepali).

If you’re interested in doing the same tour, check out the Nepali Food Safari with Vespa Valley (not sponsored).

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