2016’s New Beginning: A Journey to Healing


When I think about final words or thoughts regarding my time in Japan, I don’t have any. On my last few days in Tokyo, I was so ready to get out that I wasn’t feeling upset or sad about leaving. Then as I was waiting in line to drop off my bags at the airport, I got an email from my teacher at the Japanese language school with pictures and sweet messages from my classmates, and my heart just broke in two. Who was I kidding? I was sad to be leaving. Quite honestly, my classmates were my greatest company while I was in Tokyo. They made school worth looking forward to every day, and what kills me the most is that I won’t get to see them and learn with them anymore.

I love Japan with every fiber of my being. That’s all there is to it. Japan may not be the right home for me right now or ever, but it will always be one of my favorite places to play. And if anything, I take comfort in knowing that Japan will always be there for me to return over and over, if I so choose.


A New Beginning & Next Steps
For now, I am based in Florida where I am taking some time to unwind, get to know better my anxiety, enjoy the ease of living in America again, and spend time with Mother Nature. This summer, I’m going to be enrolling in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Course. It’s a year long program that will equip me with the knowledge and tools to energy test my own body to know which foods, environments, etc. boost or drain my energy levels, hone my intuition, learn more about emotion (aka clear out the emotional junk that doesn’t serve me), and help myself and others heal through more natural remedies. Delving into a realm my mother loved so much she considered it her passion and important enough for me to have in my health toolkit is perhaps an avenue for dealing with grief that I hadn’t before considered. I’m only just beginning my journey with energy medicine so I’ve yet to feel or understand its full effects but I’m excited to learn and see where this new path leads me.

A Quick Note on Traditional Western Medicine
I’ve been fortunate enough to have grown up with a great network of doctors who tell it to me straight and take the time to answer questions. On top of that, many of my family members have a background in and/or are pursuing paths in the medical world. Even so, I’ve always been somewhat resistant to traditional western medicine because visits with doctors only address the physical problems to which they simply throw pills in my direction to make the symptoms go away without addressing the source. What’s more, doctors tend to provide generic remedies that can be harmful to the body if taken over long periods of time. It wasn’t until my early 20s, I realized that the emotional creates the physical and vice versa. We all have the answers inside us to know whats wrong and right with our own bodies. After all, we truly are our own greatest directors and doctors, and I’ve only just recently started understanding and practicing with with that greater intuition. Since I’m not a big believer in solving problems with pills, this energy medicine program will help me better keep my health in line.

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But What About Travel?
The travel bug is as alive and strong as ever. However, part of my anxiety stems from traveling for the sake of sharing with others rather than just simply enjoying the experience for myself. Travel is such a rush for me. I love booking a ticket to somewhere I’ve never been, the journey from airport to airport, first impressions of a new environment, and learning about different cultures through food, people, and nature. It’s just that now I’m not going to be shouting from rooftops about where I’m going or sharing many details via social media. The only exception will be taking photos of the places I go as that is something I love to do, sharing via Instagram, and perhaps making more photo collections along the way. Other than that, I’m looking forward to making travel my own again.

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